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  • SEO Specialist Company website SEO, published 5 articles on Wikipedia with links to the company.
  • SEO SEO Team Lead, SEO Specialist
I am Google Analytics certified specialist. I use White Hat SEO techniques. I know how to analyze a site – identify errors and Google penalty/filter, if such are present. In case help is needed I know how to get rid of Google penalties and filters and

I worked for American corporations for 5 years where occupied position of Team Leader. I have big experience of working in a team, I also know how to head the team and set proper rhythm of work and set tasks for each team member. I was also responsible for hiring and testing new staff. I have experience of work in international team. All work process was held on English. I also was responsible for engaging new clients for the company. moved to page # 1 in USA search on the following keywords: ny seo, seo in ny, best seo company ny. I also optimized social media accounts of the companies I worked with. As an example you can take a look at YouTube channel of Macphun (the company I worked for) or Facebook profile I also did App Store Optimization for VIR app ( на Jobs.uamt= 8), Tonality App, Noiseless, Intensify, Fx Photo Studio, Snapheal, Focus – these apps got Best App of 2015, 2016 Award.