Middle, Senior QA Engineer

Персонал в Киев. IT, WEB фахівці

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  • 42 000 грн.
  • повний робочий день
  • 2 рок. 9 міс.
  • Киев
  • National Aerospace University

Досвід роботи

  • Middle QA Engineer Virtuace 1. Project: Project uses cloud-based technology to help member-based businesses connect with their communities. Automating routine daily operations, email correspondence and online booking empowers your staff to increase registrations and create the best possible experience for your customers. 2. Project: Mobile application. Vibrant search platform that offers a shopping experience guided by customized pricing for the right products. 3.Project: The client is a marketing company which specializes in Brand development, Design services, Digital magazines, Digital catalogs, Email marketing, Social media marketing, Software development, Web design/development, Video services, Virtual trade shows/Events An electronic marketing boutique with a focus on unique messaging utilizing a wide array of assets and tools. Creates new tools that expand clients’ reach, brand identity and market share, but the driving force is to utilize new ideas in creative ways. About the project - marketing web platform. 4. Project: Dating service is the only location based dating app for Russian Jews. Responsibilities: • Test case creation; • Smoke testing; • Regression testing; • Finding, reporting defects; • Testing API (SoapUI) 5. Project: Generation the financial reports for Insurance. Responsibilities: 1. Creating test case using PICT 2. Testing documentation 6. Project: The policy and billing administration system. 7. Project: Integration of the Guidewire Policy Center for a large Russian insurance company Responsibilities: 1. Creating test cases; 2. Testing documentation; 3. Functional testing; 4. Regression testing; 5. Analyst technical documentation with BA;

Over 2 years’ experience in software implementation and 2 years in manual testing. Ready for work in a team and individually.


Knowledge of test design techniques and methodology;

Experience in working with Jira, Confluence, Zephyr;

Basic knowledge: SQL;

Understanding of a Software Testing Life Cycle;

Client communication, requirement testing;

Platforms: Windows 7\xp\, Linux;

Освіта / Додаткова освіта

  • National Aerospace University Faculty: Geodesy, Cartography