A Chief Accountant position/ CFO position

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Опыт работы

Main competencies:

A professional in accounting, reporting, finance with systemic thinking.

I know all kinds of activities, I can work with tax structures and problem clients.

  • I creating the accounting structure, I offer profitable schemes of work and solutions for the liquidation of the failed projects.
  • I make managerial decisions.
  • I am able to negotiate, stress-resistant, competent, I quickly monitor changes in legislation.

Main experience:

  • accounting and reporting in retail (goods and services); production; FEA.
  • audit, budgeting, management reporting.
  • opening, closing, transformation of enterprises and accounting structures.
  • team management of 3-5 people

Education and qualifications:

Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics 1999

"Financial and Management Accounting", "Taxes and Law" Courses.

Certificate of CAP (accounting practitioner) 2007

Audit Courses 2001

Work experience:

IT company

Financial director with the functions of chief accountant from September 2017 to the present. The staff is 70 people, 3 in subordinate.

  • Full accounting of 5 firms, 18 individuals.
  • Creature and implementation of the accounting and management accounting system.
  • Audit of past years, correction of global errors.
  • Legalization of accounting, security of the firm and employees.
  • Solving issues with banks and tax inspections.


  • the accounting system is built, the accounting program is implemented.
  • P & L and Cash Flow were implemented, the profitability of the company was estimated.
  • Errors of past years are eliminated, correct documents and reports are made.
  • Legalization and training of personnel.
  • Schemes for reducing costs have been proposed and implemented.

"Formula Kino" Company. Network of cinemas "Kronverk Cinema" in Ukraine.

Chief accountant from October 2013 to March на Jobs.ualiquidation). The staff is 64 people, 3 in subordinate.

  • Controlled and accounting, tax and management reporting.
  • Cash management, budgeting, analysis.
  • Protection of interests of the firm in controlling structures.
  • Inventory, search for reserves to reduce costs.


A stable working team of accounting has been established, and checks have been successfully completed.

Automatic loading sales transfer was implemented, 1 working person was fired.

Schemes for theft are eliminated, shortages are reduced by 15 times; unprofitable contracts renegotiated to profitable.

Negotiations were held on the cancellation of the ban on foreign economic activity: two schemes were proposed.

The company "Ukrbizneustride". Trade in agricultural products, services, foreign trade activities.

Chief accountant from January 2011 to August 2013.

  • Full accounting and reporting: 1 firm, 2 private entrepreneurs, tax minimization, management accounting.
  • Work with controlling structures, represented the interests of the firm.


  • The negative VAT value has been confirmed.
  • A positive result was achieved in negotiations with controlling structures.
  • The assets of the company was successfully saved.

Auditing firm MIC. Audit and accounting

Accountant-expert from January 2010 to December 2010. In subordinate: 1 person.

Accounting, reporting of 11 companies (including 1 according to the legislation of the Russian Federation).

  • Participation in audit checks, inventories.
  • Solving issues in tax inspection, protecting the interests of clients.


  • Problem were solved for 2 firms in the tax service.
  • Schemes of embezzlement at the client are revealed.

"Palmira International" Company. International network of gambling (Bulgaria).

Chief accountant of the company in Ukraine from June 2008 to July 2009.

  • Accounting; management reporting (in Bulgarian).
  • Work with controlling structures.


• Successfully completed 6 planned, 1 unscheduled inspections.

• The losted license for the gambling business was restored.

• Two gaming halls were opened, organize accounting.

"Sport-Express"LTD, the project of the company "Sportmaster". Network of stors "Sportlandia".

Chief accountant from August 2005 to May на Jobs.uatotal staff of 70 people, subordinate 2)

Accounting, reporting.

Work with banks and lending issues.

  • Administrative duties, work with instances.


Establishment of company accounting, opening of 3 retail stores.

  • Stable accounting work, successful passing of inspections, obtaining loans.

"Intergips-Kharkov" Company. Wholesale and retail trade in building materials.

Chief accountant from December 2000 to July на Jobs.uastaff of 20 people, subordinate 1).

Group of companies "Lespromsnab", "Les-S", "Navko-Kharkov", "Team-C" (one investor).

Timber trade, foreign trade activities.

Chief accountant from June 1993 to November на Jobs.uastaff of 20 people).


Programs: 1C, Medoc, Excel, Word.

English: intermediate +. Certificate American English Center.

Hobbies, interests: cinematography, copywriting, traveling.