English-speaking manager

Персонал в Харьков. Наука, образование, переводы

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  • 100 грн.
  • полный рабочий день
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  • Харьков
  • Karazin University of Kharkiv

Досвід роботи

    To join a team of success-oriented people in a culture where achievement is encouraged and rewarded

    Fond of chess, tennis, mountain biking and football
    Married. Have a ten-year-old son
    Traveled extensively: the USA, including Alaska; Europe, including the UK and the Republic of Ireland; South Asia; the Middle East and Northern Africa


    Exports/Imports manager

    04/ 2012 - Present JSC "Ukrenergochermet"

    - Preparation and fulfillment of international contracts in the framework of Project Management

    Office (PMO)

    - Marketing research

    - Negotiations with foreign partners

    - Preparation of commercial offers and tender documents

    - Drafting of international contracts.

    Project coordinator

    11/ на Jobs.ua/ 2012 ecoFridge (EBRD project)

    In English:

    - Coordinated multiple projects concurrently (maintaining a command of details,

    timelines and next steps)

    - Anticipated and assisted in proactively solving problems

    - Initiated and maintained communications with customers

    - Ensured the day-to-day assignments were completed

    - Provided reports of activity on assigned contracts

    - Participated in the continuous updating and accurate generation of as-built documents

    - Assisted with the research and prepared field change requests to resolve design issues.

    - Performed document control functions in accordance with on-site policy and procedures, including IL, etc

    - Organized, led and facilitated project-related meetings, including the creation of agendas

    Country manager for Ukraine

    09/ на Jobs.ua/ 2008 The Solid Team, LLC,

    Upland, California, USA

    Directed the operations and activities of The Solid Team in Ukraine. Major components of this position included:

    - Imports and exports in a variety of fields

    - Management consulting

    - Development of business plans and feasibility studies

    - Project development

    - Marketing research

    - Negotiating, drafting and finalization of contracts with Ukrainian and foreign customers

    - Preparations of orders for Ukrainian and foreign producers

    - Key partners/third parties selection

    - Advertising campaigns planning and implementation

    - Issuing of commercial proposals

    - RFIs, RFPs processing

    - Establishment of procedures, corporate rules and business processes

    - Hiring, training, counseling and motivating of the personnel

    - Interfacing with Ukrainian and foreign authorities

    - Daily reporting to the head office in California


    • Fulfilled a number of big international contracts

    • Completed several business plans and feasibility studies that led to multi-million loans and investments from world’s biggest banks and financial institutions

    • Contributed to the growth of the Ukrainian office

    Assistant to General Manager

    10/ на Jobs.ua/ 2002 The Solid Team, LLC, Upland, California, USA

    Assisted Solid Team’s General Manager with the operations and activities of Solid Team in Ukraine. After working successfully in this position for about two years, I was promoted to the country manager

    Interpreter and Contracts

    01/ на Jobs.ua/ 2001

    Kharkiv Machine Building

    Plant, Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Translated technical and business documentation and interpreted negotiations with foreign partners both in Ukraine and outside and also participated in a number of international exhibitions abroad. Besides, I helped to negotiate, draft and finalize several big international contacts

    Interpreter and Contracts

    08/ на Jobs.ua/ 1997

    Kharkovsibinvest, Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Translated technical and business documentation and interpreted negotiations with foreign partners both in Ukraine and outside. My duties also included performing marketing research related to industrial equipment. With my assistance the company made several big transactions that contributed to its significant growth


    12/ на Jobs.ua/ 1995

    Agropromaudit, Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Translated technical documentation for various pieces of equipment

    Assistant to Chief Mechanic for electrical equipment

    04/ на Jobs.ua/ 1990

    West Siberian Shipping Company, Tumen, Russian Federation

    Was responsible for serviceability and repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment of a cargo ship in the waters below and above the Northern polar circle in the former USSR. Thanks to the innovative methods of maintenance that I proposed the reliability of the ship equipment improved considerably

    Освіта / Додаткова освіта

    • Karazin University of Kharkiv English language and literature, translator
    • Rybinsk Nautical School Electrical engineer