Concert Promoter / Tour Coordinator


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    - Personal Manager (or Artist Manager, Agent)
    - Booking Agent (or Talent Agent)
    - Concert Promoter
    - Entrepreneur (Music Business)
    - Retail Sales Management
    - Music Supervisor (Music Licensing/Clearance)
    - Contractor (or Leader)
    - Record Company Executive
    - A&R Coordinator
    - Salesperson (Record Label)
    - Artist Relations Representative (Artist Development Representative)
    - Regional Sales Manager
    - Tour Coordinator
    - Road Manager
    - Tour Publicist
    - Advance Person
    - Sound Technician

    Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Windows.
    Recording Studio Software: Cubase, Nuendo.
    Professional video editors in broadcast: Final cut pro 10, sony vegas
    Concert Promoter in the "Shelter Hall" Kiev.

    The concert promoter presents, organizes, advertises, and in many cases, finances concerts at performance venues such as arenas, festivals, clubs, church buildings, auditoriums, etc. The promoter often secures money for the concert by finding others to share in the profits/expenses. However, it is often times the concert promoter who absorbs all the financial risk.Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
    Master of socio-cultural activity, show busines managerKyiv National University of Culture and Arts
    Specialist Degree, Musical art
    2009 2014