Chief of department marketing

Персонал в Киев. HR, управление персоналом

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  • 26 000 грн.
  • полный рабочий день
  • 20 лет 8 мес
  • Киев
  • Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts

Опыт работы

  • Chief of department marketing ООО * development of the company's marketing strategy * the formation of the marketing department "0" * planning of the annual marketing budget and campaigns, control over implementation (income and expenses) * development, introduction of a new brand to the market (adaptation) * evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing activities and advertising campaigns * negotiation and conclusion of commercial, marketing and advertising contracts * organization and holding of seasonal shares, discount programs * development of corporate standards of work for staff * marketing research * development and implementation of price monitoring * development and implementation of monitoring competitors * development and implementation of merchandising standards * conducting PR and saler - actions * work in the field of outdoor advertising (billboards, transportation) and advertising and souvenir products (direct contacts) * work with the media, television and radio (media planning, media buying) * development and production of printing products (direct contacts with printing companies) * work with design studios * development of a motivational program and training program for the staff of the department. The department consisted of 3 to 15 people at different times: an advertising manager, an analytical manager, a designer, promoters, supervisors, brand managers, PR managers.
Получение должности директора (зам.) по маркетингу и/или рекламе,

Род деятельности компании не принципиален.

  • A strong and experienced manager with an orientation toward maximizing profit and increasing its value;
  • A professional with great practical experience and relationships with clients; with a deep knowledge of methods of product management;
  • Having leadership and managerial skills, which is confirmed by the successful career development of the manager.

Образование / Дополнительное образование

  • Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts specialist in public relations
  • Scientific Institute of Master's Training and Postgraduate Education (University of Krok) Marketing director